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God reigns. : )

29th June 2013


i’m too blessed to have someone so mature. someone like you. :)

9th October 2011



8th October 2011


you think again : I’m good at maths, I’m good (probably) in physics. managing my chemistry. But after all, so what? Other than getting a damned certificate, how else can it help you? maybe I’m currently still very very naive, but seriously.

7th October 2011


well, this is the last day of school. im feeling so… sad. very sad. i know it’s weird for others to look at me, a “joker”, to actually tear. well, everyone have a soft spot in a way or another. i could actually cry my heart out like a cry baby, but..

i really miss the school. my dudes, 4/6’11, 2/6’09, everyone.

when miss rajah and mdm jamilah were cutting the ribbon that the whole class was holding, everyone just teared up, well, almost

and when ms rajah went to me, raising up my arms to speak to me, i couldnt help but to tear up, i just couldn’t bring my eyes in contact to hers. she cried! she was so adamant that she wouldn’t. this shows alot about the class. srsly.

cut the whole thing short, i may be acting immature and stuff, but deep inside, i do have a very, very serious side. and i believe the mature side of me has indeed grown, because of temasek. temasek will always, always hold a place in my heart. and now, the big Os. i can’t disappoint any teacher. they have worked so hard for me, believe in me, have faith in me

the feeling i felt today was like a stab in my heart.. but i knew that i’m satisfied.

i told my self to live my last semester of temasek with all i can, enjoy every single days with my friends, and yes, i did.

and now, the big Os. i can’t disappoint any teacher. they have worked so hard for me, believe in me, have faith in me

8 points, here i come. 

27th March 2011

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26th March 2011


haha, i dont think imma touch tumblr that much.

studies is okay, term 1 results not up to expectations yet. passed prelims : )

chemistry olevel SPA in 5 days time. i gotta do well in it to get my fricking distinction.

6As Emer, 6 As.

too busy in my stuff to even care that much about things happening around me. well, i do know what’s happening. i just happen to be kinda dumb to it. and it’s just absurd. can’t teenagers <17 just care about studies, friendship for now? having crushes is ok. (i do, duh.) but hardcore relationship, bleh. especially you. pathetic to see you in such extent hahaaaaaaa. oh wells


27th February 2011



this place, is not the same as the place i once knew

omgosh, stop this madness la people?!

8th February 2011


my morning was ruined by irresponsible people

but i think the rest of my day was great.


7th February 2011


im not being disrespectful but my mother is FUCKING stupid to even do that. FUCKING STUPID SERIOUS NO JOKE. WTF SERIOUS. 

28th December 2010


i’m over ya